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Meet Your Career Mentor: Start Your Journey!

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Our focus is on empowering you to understand yourself and transform your education and ambitions into work that is meaningful to you.

  • 5 sessions: after each workshop, you will have the support of a mentor who will help you transform theory into action: help you plan how YOU can take advantage of the advice received!

  • WHO: mentors advise students on how they can design their career pathway

  • WHAT: sessions have a solution-oriented approach, as after each workshop, students decide what concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives or explore different options


Women Career Acelerator EucA
Marta Jiménez de los Galanes
Public Policy Advisor 
Spanish Banking Association
Women Career Acelerator EucA
Marie Glorieux
Risk & Quality Manager
PwC Belgium 
Women Career Acelerator EucA
Mirela Mazalu
Secretary General

"Mentorship meant career exploration with J., future journalist, discovering the best way to connect with people and to become a great communicator, starting from Social Media. J. opened a blog, and in a short started collaborating with a local online platform".

"Mentorship meant meeting L., future PR, worried about how to manage the life work balance and feeling discouraged about the way to get her desired results at University, far from her ambitions".

"Mentorship meant women empowerment, soft skills development, but also friendships and networking. I have memorable moments thanks to WCA!

I met young students, with professional and personal dreams, and I shared my personal story and professional path... how many common points we had!"

M.G.P., Brussels

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