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Women Career Accelerator: Learn and Discover a New University Experience

This course is divided into 5 workshops that will help you answer questions on:

What motivates you? What are your strengths? Can you explain your accomplishments in a way that conveys both your knowledge and skills? Do you know how to engage in experiences during university years that help you develop skills and expertise to advance your professional skills?

Can you draft an effective CV that shows your talents and achievements?

Are you able to convey the right message during an interview? How can you network to develop the connections that best advance your professional goals?

What does a real working day look like for an established professional? What are the culture and sustainability policies of a company? What are the career pathways in the areas of your interest?

What are the hiring process and companies' expectations towards young people?

What challenges do women face in the workplace? What practices ensure gender equality and sustainability? 



By participating in this training course, you will:

DEVELOP self-knowledge related to career choices and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding your competencies, interests, values, and personal characteristics.


OBTAIN educational and occupational information to aid your career and educational planning already during your studies; you will develop your understanding of the world of work and current sustainability challenges.

SELECT suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities that improve future educational and employment options; in your final year of university, this will allow you to be ready to transition faster into a job.

ENHANCE job-search skills, effective candidate presentation skills, and an understanding of the fit between your competencies and both occupational and job requirements.


& Empowerment

Job Search Skills

Future of Work

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