What should you expect from each workshop?

Be ready for action and interaction, as you will listen little, think hard about your strengths and potential, and practice what you’ve learned. Ours will be an experiential learning approach: rather than lots of theoretical presentations, we believe in learning by doing method, followed by reflecting on the experience (also helped by personalized feedback and exchanges with fellow attendees).


Our goal? Equip each student with experiences that employers value! No need to wait to finish your studies to get work relevant experience!

We will show you that you have lots of opportunities during your university time to develop many skills and experiences employers are looking for! 

Each workshop is a 3-hour mix of: 

  • Testimonials: young professionals from the field will tell their career stories and you can ask all your questions and advice on professional development.

  • Tutorials: practical and hands-on exercises will help you reflect on your strengths and learning plans; you will take home a lot of resources that will help reply to all the career questions you might have!

  • Personalized feedback: thanks to simulations, CV-checks, and personal mentoring.

Women Career Accelerator Official Launch


19h00 - 21h00 | Rond-Point Schuman 6, 7th floor. 1040 Brussels. Also available online

DISCOVER: How to explore, plan & manage your career launch

EXPERIENCE: How to think about your professional development

LEARN: What are concrete resources available for your career

Career Planning: From Theory To Practice


16h00 - 19h00 | Online event


DISCOVER: What are your strengths and how to present them to employers?

EXPERIENCE: How to build a learning plan that advances your career goals.

LEARN: How to best gain skills and experiences for professionals.

Women Leadership In The Workplace


Online event. Time TBC

DISCOVER: What are the current challenges women face in the workplace? How do we inspire and bring about positive change? 

EXPERIENCE: How do we build confidence and resilience as young professional women? 

LEARN: What is true leadership? Leadership is about achieving greatness by bringing out the greatness in others. Management is about getting things done. Leadership is about helping people grow.


Company Study Tour


Online event. Time TBC


DISCOVER: What are companies' sustainability &  gender equality commitments?

EXPERIENCE: What is a company's culture?

LEARN: Talent management and selection processes: learn how to read job descriptions!

LinkedIn & Personal Branding

MARCH 2021

Online event. Time TBC

DISCOVER: Why is Personal Branding important? How to use Linkedin in a way that is effective and fruitful?

EXPERIENCE: How to create your Linkedin profile.

LEARN: How to build your network and create an impactful profile that impresses recruiters.


How To Ace A Job Interview

APRIL 2021

Online event. Time TBC

DISCOVER: What to expect during an interview: questions, nonverbal communication, how to present yourself.

EXPERIENCE: Simulate a job interview and get personalized feedback!

LEARN: Tips & tricks to build confidence when answering general and behavioral questions.


Programme Erasmus+

Key Action «KA2 Developing Soft Skills to Transform Our World (17 SDGs)» is co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. 

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